"Mr. Fotheringham" is the signature I have used on my work since I began my illustration career in a puerile attempt to be clever. Please, call me Ed.

My formative years were spent in Sydney, Australia. I was subsequently educated at the University of Washington School of Art in Seattle, where I continue to live with my family.

I made a significant occupational change from fine artist/stockboy to illustrator in 1992. It was a golden moment in Seattle's pop-cultural history: the nation's psyche was focused on some grubby music types and all that they touched. Having certain band members as housemates afforded me the opportunity to illustrate their CD covers. With portfolio in hand, I seized the opportunity to make a trip to New York City while attention was high.

Making illustration in areas as varied as punk rock record covers and Neiman Marcus print ads, The New Yorker magazine and Ladies' Home Journal, snarky fiction and children's picture books, a Visa Card campaign and elementary school auctions (and collecting a few awards along the way), I continue to enjoy solving visual problems with blotty lines.